BROCKPORT, N.Y. (WROC) —  Sabrina Diaz has never been to Gordon Hall on SUNY Brockport’s campus, but for the next two weeks, that is where she will call home.

This comes after her study aboard program in Italy abruptly ended and she was sent from quarantine as a precaution against the coronavirus.

“We just came with like what we had on hand but they’re providing us with like food they’re taking requests for food. they provided us with toiletries,” said Sabrina Diaz, A Fashion Insitute of Technology Student in New York City.

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Diaz goes to FIT in New York City and was completing a year study aboard program in Florence, Italy.

“We had our daily life set out and then coming from that all of a sudden to this it’s kind of frustrating and upsetting,” said Diaz.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Diaz and 17 other students were flown back home and bused to SUNY Brockport’s campus for quarantine.

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“When we got on the bus, the guys kept saying you have to wear masks,” said Diaz. “Afterwards when we got here we had to put it on. And then now in the dorms, we have to wear it whenever someone comes in but we can’t leave. We have to put it on when we get our food which is like right outside the door too.”

For 14 days she will be inside these dorms isolated from everyone else. Undergoing periodic health checks

“We can’t leave our room, that’s for sure. We can’t leave the building. We have like a suite so there are two bedrooms here, but we can’t talk to our suitemate. We have to coordinate when one of us goes to the bathroom when one of us gets their food and stuff like that,” said Diaz.

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“The nurse calls us twice a day once in the morning and once in that afternoon,evening to check for our temperature and that’s pretty much it and then she asks if we have any other symptoms,” said Diaz.

At the time of our interview, Diaz said she hadn’t heard of any student in quarantine testing positive for the coronavirus.