ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County Department of Public Health officials reported more than 30 new COVID-19 deaths Tuesday and more than 600 new cases.

Officials reported 631 new COVID-19 cases in Monroe County in the latest update. The county is now averaging 647 new cases per day over the last week, and the county’s seven-day rolling average positivity rate is now 8.7%.

Officials say there are currently 775 people in the Finger Lakes region hospitalized with the virus, including 125 in an ICU. The regional number of virus hospitalizations is currently at an all-time high (775) since the pandemic began.

According to the health department, the region has 33% available hospital capacity, and 32% available ICU capacity.

According to the state’s surge and flex plan, if a region’s hospital capacity trends to 90%, if would initiate a red zone designation which would effectively shut down all non-essential businesses.

Officials also reported 32 new COVID-19 deaths Tuesday, bringing the county’s total to 488 since March. The number of new deaths is the largest single-day reported increase to date. These deaths occurred between 12/11/2020 and 12/21/2020, according to officials

After plateauing for most of the summer, COVID-19 deaths have increased sharply in Monroe County this month with 160 new virus deaths reported since December 1.

Increases are on day of reported death, not always day death occurred.

Officials say there are currently 4,368 active COVID-19 cases in Monroe County, the lowest number recorded since December 7 (4,192).

Health officials also released a statement Tuesday regarding a technical issue that sent duplicate isolation orders to thousands of residents:

The Monroe County Department of Public Health is alerting the public to a system malfunction with the New York State database used by the County’s contact tracing team. The malfunction has resulted in thousands of duplicate isolation orders being emailed to residents who have already been served and/or completed isolation after being diagnosed with COVID-19. It is unknown precisely how many people are affected by this technical issue. The duplicate orders can be disregarded.

Ages of Tuesday’s new cases are as follows:

9Female under 10
18Male under 10
24Female 10-19
21Male 10-19
64Female in her 20s
57Male in his 20s
57Female in 30s
40Male in his 30s
39Female in her 40s
41Male in his 40s
2Blank in 40s
50Female in 50s
45Male in his 50s
43Female in her 60s
37Male in his 60s
16Female in her 70s
18Male in his 70s
18Female in her 80s
12Male in his 80s
14Female in her 90s
6Male in his 90s
 Female 100+
 Male 100+