ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Tom Girot celebrated a birthday at Frontier Field Thursday.

Maybe that name doesn’t resonate with you, but maybe this will — he’s “Conehead.” More specifically, thee Conehead.

For anyone who has attended a local professional sporting event in Western New York in the past half-century, you know what that means.

The famous beer slinger, as popular in Rochester as he is in Buffalo, got a shoutout from the Red Wings Thursday on his birthday: “Happy birthday to the GOAT!” the post reads.

Girot, 67, started out on his legendary path in 1972 with the Buffalo Sabres, but the iconic cone wasn’t introduced until five years later.

Reporter Jeff Rusack poetically wrote for News 8 in an article titled “The Man Underneath the Cone” in 2015:

On a warm summer night, a few thousand eyes are on the athletes, as a pitcher hurls a leather-wrapped ball of string past a man with a wooden stick. Amid the cracks of a budding big leaguer’s bat is a voice. 

“Cold beer!”

And all eyes quickly shift to a familiar sight, Conehead.

Known across Western New York for his booming voice, promise of a cold brew, and his rubber conehead.

“The Conehead guarantee, get a warm beer from me, you drink it for free!” is the promise Conehead makes after every sale.  

While a customer will never sweat wondering if their beer will be cold enough, Conehead leaves the perspiring to him. 

“This time of year is when I really start to sweat.” 

The man under the rubber hat goes by Tom Girot, and has been delivering food to your seat for 44 years. 

“I started in 1972 with the Sabres,” recalled Girot. 

It wasn’t until ’77 did the conehead first grace, the surprisingly haired, head of Girot. His wife bought the hat for her Halloween costume.  

‘We were saving for a house and I thought she was wasting her money. So, I said what the hell, I’m going to wear it to the football game on Sunday for the Bills game,” said Girot.  “As they say, the rest is history.” 

Forty-four years doing anything is impressive, but to vend, just like the players on the field, you have to be fit and stay fit.

“If you’re going to do this job well, you better be in shape,” said Girot. 

But, Conehead’s biggest secret, he likes seeing you just as much as you like seeing him.

“There’s nothing I’d rather do than vend. I just love it.”

While most pay to watch the game, plenty stay for an oddly dressed man with a familiar voice, Conehead.

Happy birthday Conehead, and cheers to 50 years — and 45 with the cone.