ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — St. John’s Meadows staff helped spread the holiday cheer to First Responders this season.

On Thursday — to recognize all the crews do for the seniors living in community — St. John’s leaders treated the Brighton Ambulance, Police Department, and Fire Department to pizza and cookies.

More than 400 seniors call St. John’s Meadows home, and they often need a little extra help during the holidays.

Vice President of Senior Housing Tony Zaccaglino says they just want to show their appreciation.

“They just so a tremendous amount of work for us each year, coming to our campus, taking care of our staff and residents, and helping out in any way they can, and just treating us with so much respect and we appreciate everything they do and just want to show our appreciation,” Zaccaglino said.

Zaccaglino also says the St. John’s Meadows staff have been doing this in support of first responders since 2015 and are excited to be able to continue the tradition.