ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A local summer staple is coming back.

After a year with no funnel cakes, no screams, and no Jack Rabbit, Seabreeze Amusement park will be back up and running on May 22.

For Shamrock Jack’s — a hop, skip and a jump from the park — Executive Chef Todd Klugh describes a renewed sense of optimism. “It feels kind of like pre-COVID. Getting a little sense of norm.”

Last year, the park was empty and nearby restaurants were struggling from a spring of being shut down. Restaurant owners hope that’s a bygone memory, and that families come back to the lakeshore.

“The foot traffic’s the big thing. Especially in the summer,” Klugh said.

“It’s just that new influx of like a way to gain new customers and just get new people in the area. There’s a lot of people that come down here for just Seabreeze and that gives us business and everyone else business.”

According to the state, outdoor parks like Seabreeze can open at limited capacity with a third of its normal limit. But for the park and its neighbors, they’re ready to start anew.

“It’s a big thing. Especially for people who live in this area. It’s been like a staple of their childhood.”

Seabreeze officials say reopening plans will come with a few changes. Tickets must be purchased in advanced and attendees are asked to wear a mask while inside.

According to the park’s website, restrictions could be eased or eliminated as the summer progresses and there’s more guidance from the state.

Seabreeze was closed for the full 2020 season due to the pandemic, which was also the year the iconic Jack Rabbit roller coaster turned 100 years old.