ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The boys and girls club of Rochester is working to improve digital literacy.

The group is teaming up with AT&T this summer to help train more than 50 local students. The “Digital Experience 2.0” kicked off last week. Students will get to learn about STEM fields — while working with professors at RIT at the school of interactive media to help build video games. 

Organizers say the goal is to encourage more underserved students to enter the tech field. 

“It’s important to see more, they can see what they can do after high school or if they want to go to college, or even if they don’t, this program can get you into different fields where maybe you do trade, or go into job training, I think STEM is important for all kids,” said BGCR Student Director Heather Floyd.

She says the kids get to learn about certain things like fossils, plants, glass making, and water — and then go out into the community to explore these topics.