ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — Diane Hummel was visiting her mother’s grave at Holy Sepulchre to put down some solar lamps. She sat on the ground to reflect and pray. That’s when a quiet evening turned upside down. 

“I heard like a bang. You know, like a loud thud,” she says.

That’s when Hummel knew her Sunday night visit with her mother was about to go downhill. A man was at her locked car parked a few feet away. 

“He had smashed my window, with what I don’t know. And he pulled my purse out,” she said.

Inside her purse: cash, gift cards and other belongings. He sped off in his car, described as a light colored Subaru. 

“By that time, I was in the road where his car was, and he just floored it and took off,” she said.

At a press conference Wednesday, Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary says this past week, there have been four larcenies at the cemetery. They are working with staff to come up with a security plan. 

“So we have seen an uptick, it is on my radar. The Captain of the lake section will do his best to resolve some of the issues we see up there,” he said.

Hummel says until there’s a security plan in place, she’ll be taking someone with next time. 

“Be aware of your surroundings. I guess you can’t even trust going to a cemetery, which is sad,” she said.

Joy Pierce, a spokesperson said the cemetery is aware of “the incidents of theft” that happened last weekend and the “RPD is actively investigating and they are conducting increased patrols” of the cemetery.

Pierce says it is important to provide a safe space for the community and leadership at the cemetery is looking at a variety of ways to strengthen security there.