ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Board of Education for the Rochester City School district met Tuesday night to discuss a path forward amid issues such as the high rate of absenteeism, lack of substitutes, transportation issues and COVID-19 guidelines.

Some schools reported forty to fifty percent of students didn’t show up for school Monday.

This evening’s public meeting highlighted the spiking absences of students and staff, transportation problems, and other concerns that teachers have also raised. The Rochester Teachers Association has been pushing for remote learning, citing safety concerns.

Tonight, Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small said a move away from full in-person learning might take on one of many forms

“As we have shared all along, the shift to remote learning could be offered at one of three levels: the classroom level, the school level, and the district level,” RCSD Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small said. “Certainly, in all instances, we want to make sure the schools, our staff and our students are prepared to continue instruction in a remote environment.”

Future meetings have been added to the schedule to inform the district and address the many concerns from teachers and the community.

The Board of Education may have no choice but to reconsider the district’s decision to continue in-person learning while unprepared to ensure safety and proper protocols/logistics.

“I want parents to hear this and get a realistic view of what happening when your child is going to school right now,” said RCSD Board of Education Vice President Beatriz LeBron. “They’re not going to school and getting this high quality of education, they almost can’t. Not because our educators cant or our staff can’t, but under these circumstances its almost impossible.”

Parents of RCSD students are being told that bus pickup for some might be late by as much as two hours.

As for when a decision is made — the RTA president says it might come as soon as Wednesday.

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