ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As majority of the region’s school districts welcome students back into classrooms, the RCSD officially opened its doors Thursday after a one-day delay due to a bussing shortage.

According to district officials, there are still 23 vacancies within the RCSD bus garage, and they do not anticipate that number to change. As more drivers resign, students and travel routes continue to be affected.

After a full year of it, some parents and students feared of a return to remote learning following an initial proposal to change back to the model in order to accommodate the transportation shortage. Despite weeks of waiting, teachers are looking forward to welcoming students back in the classroom.

RCSD School #45 Principal Rob Snyder believes its important to listen to parent voices to find solutions.

“Its always important for parents to be involved,” Snyder said. “Part of our theme ‘All Are Welcome’ is recognizing that we can do a better job of bringing our parents into school [so] they can have a seat at the table with a voice and feel included in the education process.”

To deal with possible learning loss caused by more than a year away from classroom desks, RCSD officials say the district is prepared to take a leap forward in order to best teach students.

“We spent a lot of time this summer examining the impact that hurricane Katrina had on students in New Orleans as they regrouped,” Snyder said. “What we found is that if you hold students to high standards and support them in getting there, they will succeed.”

Despite bussing concerns, RCSD teachers are eager to offer in-person learning to as many students as possible.

Music teacher Caitlin Law says in-class interaction is an essential part of learning and looks forwards to helping her students grow.

“We had a lot of our kiddos return last year in hybrid, but we still had some that were remote,” Law said. “It’ll be really great to see them be able to come back in, see each other, see their friends, see their teachers, and all of our school team and just really build those bonds again.”

As RCSD students begin their new school year — all arriving in different modes of transportation — teaching staff are all looking forward to seeing them come through those doors again.