ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — PrimeTime 585 continues to make an impact both on and off the playing field.

The nonprofit works with young adults in the community to help fight racism and poverty through a shared love of sports. Their mission is to inspire student-athletes to better their communities through service and action.

And one of the biggest ways they do that is through their annual Thanksgiving ‘Adopt a Family Program.’

“We want sports teams, businesses, law enforcement, to just pick one family, in rural areas, in city areas, and just adopt them,” Founder Karen Iglesia said. “But adopting them isn’t just giving a turkey, it’s giving a turkey, giving a ham, all the dressings, so that anything that you would eat at Thanksgiving, is what we’re asking.”

Last year, PrimeTime 585 fed 3,100 people through the program. This year, they hope to feed 4,000.

“The prices of items have risen, eggs, milk. So we wanted to change how we look at Thanksgiving. Just don’t give a turkey, give everything,” Iglesia said.

Iglesia said what makes this effort so different is that kids and families have the chance to actually shop for the food and deliver it to other families.

“It gives people a chance to see each other and how other people live and that there are good people that want to give back,” Iglesia said. “And then the people that are doing the delivery… guess what? They see that there are people just like them, that might just need a little bit of a hand up, not a handout.”

While anyone can take part in the program, local sports teams tend to take the lead in the effort. Last year, 84 sports teams adopted over 300 families.

“It’s important that athletes, especially athletes in affluent communities, go outside of your community a little bit and see that there are other people, there are people living a certain way that might just need a little bit of a help,” Iglesia said. “Sports as a whole teaches you teamwork. It teaches you leadership. There’s so much that comes with sports, so these are perfect candidates.”

There are two ways to take part in the ‘Adopt of Family Program.’ Those include:

  • You can shop for the food and deliver it yourself. (Iglesia sends you all the supplies and addresses OR
  • You can donate $75 on their website or through Venmo (PT585) and PrimeTime 585 will do the shopping for you.

“Let’s say you are somebody that can’t deliver, or you’re on vacation that week, they can send us a Venmo or you can go right to our website and donate, and when they donate, we get a team to do the shopping and delivery for you,” Iglesia said.

You can donate to PrimeTime 585 or learn more about the organization by clicking here.