ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The first day of school for Rochester schools will be a day late.
There’s still no finalized plan in place as of Monday to take thousands of kids back to school, as the district faces a major bus driver shortage.

In the meantime parents and members of the community are putting their heads together.

For Jasmine Holliman, this transportation crisis sparked an idea.

She says inspiration came from her ancestors, who organized ride shares during the Montgomery Bus Boycott ignited by Rosa Parks.

“I thought, why don’t we try this again and see if we can get this together and bring our community together,” said Holliman.

They created Bus Stop Roc, where parents can sign up and help transport kids to school.

Organizer Cheriese Bufis says they’re even working with local day cares to borrow vans that can fit up to 20 students.

“We take care of us, that is the village concept, we’ve gotten so far away from it,” she said. “We have a crisis but we can take care of each other, we’re here for each other.”

Michelle Burack is a parent of two students at School of the Arts.

While she says her school isn’t on the list of those with uncovered routes, she’s stepping up to help in any way she can for others.

“This situation is going to require everyone to dig in and contribute, for us to be able to solve it,” said Burack.

Burack says too often, commentators on social media ignore all the positive being done in the community, and are quick to judge.

“Just be reflective and be more listening rather than spouting opinions,” said Burack.

“You always hear the negative commentary about Rochester, you always hear about the violence, but our good outweighs our evil, our love outweighs our pain,” said Bufis.

Bus Stop Roc is taking donations that will go towards stipends, gas cards, masks, hand sanitizer and background checks for drivers.

If you’re interested in donating or becoming a driver, email