ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester woman Ruth Clemens celebrated a milestone Saturday — turning 100!

In addition to recognizing Clemens’ special day, family noted she is a huge fan of News 8!

“She doesn’t let even her relatives change the channel,” one family member said.

Great-granddaughter Savannah Clemens made a surprise arrival from Las Vegas and recalled a story about a conversation with her great-grandmother.

“Two years ago, before I left, I was just talking to her about my childhood and I said, “Grandma, I think we’re Italian.’ She slipped up and said she was Irish. I said, ‘Oh okay, so you’re Irish, and Grandpa was Italian!’ I guess everyone was Italian. And, come to find out from my Uncle, she was actually German. So, learning a lot about my family,” Savannah said.

In addition to wishing Ruth a “Happy Birthday,” we want to thank her (and her family) for tuning into News 8 all these years!