BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Members of the McQuaid Jesuit’s cross-country team are running around the Bob Bradley track to raise money for the 39th annual relay — and a good cause.

The annual event which is usually a 25-hour relay, is now cut short to 12 hours because of the pandemic and has staggered times for participants.

“Mask on or mask off, it’s the same thing. You’re still getting the job done. still working hard, still doing it for a good cause. It’s great,” said Joe Sherer, Senior and participant in the relay. 

This year, the team chose to run the race to honor one of its very own in the McQuaid community. 

“To do it for one of our own, Sean Mullen, who’s been here every year we’ve been doing this for coverage, he’s our new source of strength. He’s there to shine on, to show us what it means to be a fighter. What it means to overcome,” said Todd Stewart, McQuaid’s varsity cross-country coach. 

Sean Mullen is the communications director at the school. He was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in February of this year.

“I never would have expected to walk out of a doctor’s office at 35 years old, saying you have cancer. After a couple of days of googling things, and fretting about it, I stopped googling things and I said we just got to attack this,” said Mullen. “Got to put a plan in place and implement that plan that’s what I did. It really turned my life around, and made me think more positively.” 

Mullen traveled back and forth to Boston to have three procedures to remove a tumor. Fortunately, he’s been in remission for two months.

Today he is grateful the support he has received from his family and the McQuaid community.

“Being a survivor to me is being thankful everyday for life,” said Mullen. 

Becoming stronger with every step of the way.

The track will be opened to guests. Any non-employees will need to have a temperature check and fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to being admitted to the track.

This year’s relay will conclude at 9 p.m. Friday.