BUFFALO N.Y. (WROC) — Two McDonalds managers in Buffalo are still receiving praise for a good deed they did around Christmas time.

Store Manger Kristin Kosha says as they were preparing to close up the store early to go home due to the storm coming in and realized leaving might not be an option.

“When we closed and got ready to leave our third manager got stuck in the back of the lot and by the time we were in our cars and kind of ready to start driving we just realized it wasn’t happening,” says Kosha.

Kosha says then nightfall came and cars outside were getting stuck in the snow and Assistant Manager Jeffrey Spengler went outside to shovel out an ambulance.

From there Kosha reached out via Facebook to let everyone in the area know they were open and available for shelter.

“It just kept coming and police were dropping off people. The local fire department were dropping off people. They couldn’t pull into the lot, so they had to hike across and yeah, we filled up,” Kosha says.

They said there were around 50 people in about 36 hours including a stranded utility crew and a pet dog. Both managers took turns serving people and preparing food.

Spengler says once Christmas day arrived the storm stopped and the plows were able to clear the area so that people could go home.

When reflecting on their experience they share whether its food related or in an emergency situation, serving people is what they do. So caring for others in a time of need came as a no brainer.

Spengler says it’s important to help others when you can because you never know when you’ll need the help.