ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — At the “Be Kind Festival” Saturday, music organization The Local Sound Collaborative raised $14,164 in a concert fundraiser at Three Heads Brewing.

The organization says that all the money will be supporting their guaranteed income pilot initiative. In December, they will announce five artists who will receive $200 a month for a year.

“We’re not trying to make people millionaires, we’re trying just to make their living enough, which is what they deserve,” said the founder of Local Sound Collaborative, Ray Mahar in a previous interview. “It can then (show) the entire community of Rochester and the local scene in general and what it means to be an independent artist stronger.”

Mahar and Geoff Dale from Three Heads Brewing discussed the fundraiser, the mission, and the music in an in-studio interview.

Let’s start with you Ray, a refresher, what is the Local Sound Collaborative?

So we’re a new organization in town with the goal of doing mainly two things. One is creating more financial opportunities for local musicians. And number two, kind of showing the rest of the community that music can do so much more in terms of connecting our community than we imagined.

He mentioned music and he mentioned community, Geoff, those are two things that three heads is big on. the name “Be kind” probably sounds familiar. Talk to me about how this connects to those Tuesday events. You guys were having.

So we started out we did we’re doing be kind is just sort of a hashtag that we did. My mom raised me we always did work with nonprofits and charities. Ray actually approached us really early on… he was working for a different nonprofit at the time. But he suggested doing this series, on Tuesdays… and we basically highlight a local nonprofit in the area and we have people come in. It’s just a fun way to just celebrate and put a highlight on all the great things going on in this community. It’s really easy to get caught up in all the negative. It’s more important, I think, to take a time and recognize people doing incredible work in the city.

Why did you want to celebrate and support the local sound collaborative?

Honestly, music is my jam. It’s really where it gets down to. I mean, I’ve been playing music since I was like 12 years old. It’s a big part of what we do with three heads. And it just became something that was just a nice idea and foreign parties is what I do. And then if we could throw a party and you can drink some beers, listen some tunes and raise money for a great cause. You’re winning across the board.

It is a fundraiser as well, but people are there to check out some great music right? Why don’t you walk us through the lineup for this Saturday’s concert?

Yeah, so I’ll start with the beginning. We have Briana Horton, who’s an awesome local singer songwriter opening it up at one o’clock we’re going one to 11 p.m. After that it’s “The Kids Table,” an acoustic trio that Geoff Dale is going to be a part of. That’s going to be awesome. Then we have Eli Flynn of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, taking it over for act three, which is awesome. And then our two headliners. First up we have A Girl Named Genny, a local folk band, six piece, is going to be a lot of fun, and then closing it out we have Zahyia! (She’s) closing out the fun. It’s gonna be really awesome, great party vibes all day long, really meaningful stuff going on in that building with the music gonna be fun.

All this money that’s being raised is going right to local Rochester musicians. So I think a lot of times people go, “Oh, it’s going into this endowment. It’s going into this program.” That’s all well and good. The money we raise at this event, it’s going to five look artists is a prior of our first program that we’re funding back to musicians, all the money raised towards them. So hopefully people will get behind that and come support some local musicians.