ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Foodlink has been a part of the Greater Rochester community for over 40 years now, and its impact is widely felt. From the people they serve to the people employed by the food bank, there are hundreds of stories to tell.

One of them is Brian Knight, a driver who just celebrated his eight-year anniversary with the company. He described the impact of the last eight years, and what still needs to be done.

“A sense of pride, a sense of purpose […] honestly, it started off as just a job, and then once I got into my role it just became more than a job,” said Knight.

Eight years later, Knight only sees the need for food and assistance growing.

“So many people just at each spot, needing food, wanting food, getting food, it just since I’ve been here it just grew you know? They just go…every year it just gets bigger and bigger,” said Knight.

A recent report by Hunger Free America found that food hardship in New York is up 35% — 5% higher than the national average in the past year in part prompting the rise in need. In addition, Knight says the holiday season is always just busier

“This time of year, we distribute more than we do probably any other time of the year,” said Knight.

Knight and his coworker’s hard work doesn’t go unrecognized by the people they serve either.

“Some places I go to they be like here go the superhero he just doesn’t have a cape on,” said Knight.

Knight has no intention of stopping anytime soon even as he stays busy on the road, as he wants to continue to be a superhero for everyone in the community that helped raise him

“A lot of places that I was delivering to, I actually grew up going to these places. These rec centers, these schools,” said Knight.

News 8, along with Tops Friendly Markets, will be hosting an all-day event on December 9 to raise money and awareness as part of the Food For Families initiative. We hope you’ll join us in supporting the community this holiday season.