ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — While the 2020 Tokyo Olympics begin next week, in Rochester the Arc of Monroe ‘Ballantyne Olympics’ have wrapped up.

With the help of his tablet, Olympics attendee Andy Rhodes said he enjoyed his time.

“The Olympics are fun,” Rhodes said.

“The whole Olympics, I just love it,” agreed Olympics attendee Gina Mairui.

The intention at Ballantyne is to keep the people supported by the Arc of Monroe busy with activities, but also independent.

“Anything they can do on their own, whether it takes time, whether it takes some hints, some clues, things like that, but we want them to be as independent as possible,” said Ballantyne Director Elane Hess.

One of the ways to support the individuals’ independence is through hosting their own Olympics ceremonies.

“They’ve all done different countries, they’ve researched their countries, done crafts related to their countries,” said Hess.

The in-person interaction has been especially beneficial now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

“It’s nice because I see they’re a lot happier. The smiles, and again, the interaction with each other, seeing the staff faces,” said Hess.

To Maiuri, being with everyone makes all the difference.

“I just love everybody in here,” said Mairui.