ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Heroes Brewing Co. in Rochester is re-releasing a special beer; a pineapple-mango Kolsch.

However, the brewery is changing the name of this beer to honor one of those that served our country.

The “CW4 Koch” was made in honor of Christan Koch, a National Guard pilot who was killed in a Blackhawk helicopter crash in Mendon last year.

A portion of the beer’s sales will go towards a GoFundMe that supports the child of a friend of Koch’s.

“There was one gentleman that walked in, and you could tell he was military even though he was dressed in civilian clothes,” said Heroes Brewing Co. owner Greg Fagen. “He said ‘I flew here from Colorado specifically to buy this four-pack because I was Christian’s commander.’ You can’t help but be moved by that.”

The cans of the brew are available for sale at Heroe’s Brewing Co. on Atlantic Avenue in Rochester.