NEWARK, N.Y. (WROC) — At the beginning of the pandemic, Amber Lewis’ boyfriend Andrew Chambers ordered sapphires. He used them to make a ring for Amber.

“He brought them to the jeweler, the jeweler picked which one would look better in a ring, he drew it up himself, he wanted it to look like a crown because I love crowns,” Amber said.

On a trip to the Outer Banks a month later, he gave her the ring. She said he asked her to put it on her left hand as a promise that he’d always be there for her.

A week later, Andrew died suddenly. Amber said she’ll miss his smile, laugh, and quirky jokes.

“He was just a good guy. He showed me what guys or boyfriends are supposed to be like. My mom keeps telling me he was there for a reason, to show you what it’s like to be in a real relationship with somebody genuine and good hearted.”

Amber said the ring felt like her last piece of Andrew, but last week she lost it while out driving for Uber.

“That’s how I knew he was gone, I constantly touch it like as weird as that sounds, that’s my Andrew right there and he’s just not there. I feel like he’s gone more now that the ring is gone.”

Amber asks anyone in the community to return it to her if they find it – the symbol of the love of her life.

“If you find it in the kindness of your heart to give me my ring back. It’s one of a kind, one in a million, as he said it.”

Amber said if anyone thinks they found her ring they can call her anytime of day at 315-573-5491.