FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — The Fairport Police Department introducing a new program that changes how officers interact with the community. 

Before someone is arrested, officers will consider other options. Those who are first time offenders, non-violent offenders, and juveniles will meet with a social worker before they are arrested. From there the social worker will help determine the best steps forward. 

The Fairport Police chief says the goal of the program is to give everyone — from the suspect, to the victim, to the community — a voice.

“We wanted to promote a system that makes a victim whole, the suspect whole, and the community whole,” Fairport Police Chief Samuel Farina said.

“This is an accountability model allows suspects to take accountability for their actions and allow for direct input for the victim– the initiative is more impactful for the victim .” 

The new approach is a response to an Executive Order calling on police departments to procedures and protocols.