ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — 15 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God joined the City of Rochester to clean a one-mile stretch around the Susan B. Anthony neighborhood Sunday.

Volunteers said the clean-up was meant to restore, maintain and beautify the historic area located in downtown Rochester on King Street and Silver Street.

“Especially during this time, there’s nothing like uplifting the community with anything as far as a cleanup or getting rid of that debris,” said World Mission Society Church of God member Fantasia Hunt. “Especially now that everything is transforming and going back into normal lives and everybody is coming back in the area doing tours at the Susan B. Anthony Museum.”

Community leader Charles Reaves from the City of Rochester went to the site and presented a certificate of appreciation to the participants of the clean-up and presented some words of encouragement.

“What you guys do here is so important and it means so much. Our city is going through something, but having a group like this, like the World Mission Society Church of God, helping us make it better, means a lot to all of us,” Reaves told the volunteers. “I believe that there are people like you that really care and that come to help us do this and it means a lot. Thank you for doing this.” 

Officials said the Church of God carried out various Worldwide Environmental Cleanups in over 175 countries.