ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — People were out-and-about enjoying Rochester’s beautiful weather for Small Business Saturday. After several years of economic hardship from the pandemic, owners have been getting creative to help boost business.

A staple for many on holiday shopping lists — Small Business Saturday!

On Monroe Avenue, Stem is a rare and exotic houseplant store co-owned by Kerynn and her business partner Samantha. Connected to Stem is Staple Vintage, a secondhand clothing shop owned by Shealyn Rapp.

Fresh for this holiday season: an idea of neighbors helping neighbors, small business edition!

“Inside our store you can find up to 21 gift cards to other local businesses and we’re also trying to promote other people while doing business, ourselves and I think that’s actually benefited us a whole lot!” Kerynn said.

“Oh yea, definitely!” Shealyn added. “We get a lot more foot traffic, we all get to share each other’s clientele.”

Over in Brighton, Rebecca Carney is the owner of Cooks World. The gourmet specialty store has been locally owned and operated for more than 4 decades!

“It’s a great opportunity to support your stores that you’ve loved in the area and the community, and to see some new stores that you might not know about!” she said.

Local vintage shop owners describe the sometimes-surprising ways shifting your holiday spending can also help your community.

“When you’re supporting vintage sellers specifically, it is sustainable so it’s better for the earth, there’s less waste,” Rapp said. “But you’re also keeping small businesses open whereas bigger corporations you know they sell online, they have whole teams of people working for them.”

“I think it’s just a great way to build a community and just have somebody like you know in the back, cheering you on and supporting your idea on top of the business,’ Kristi Laird, the owner of Wyldbyrd Vintage, said.

“Get out and support your local businesses today and everyday,” Carney, said. “Small Business Saturday should be every day of the year and so we just encourage people to support the places they love.”

“Get our names out there, just making sure that we are providing a) a quality product, and b) an affordable product,” Kerynn. “We want to have something here for everybody that keeps people coming back not just for the holiday season, but also all the time!”