ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A group of local gun advocates gathered Saturday for a free seminar on basic firearms knowledge.

The presentation was put on at the Flying Squirrel Community Center by the Rochester-based Flower City Firearms Association, which identifies as a progressive gun rights group.

Spokesperson Ray Lairmore said he feels advocacy for the second amendment often comes from more conservative groups, but they’re hoping to spread the message that those on the left, and those in minority communities can — and should — advocate for their right to bear arms.

Kyle Frear, left, and Ray Lairmore, right, demonstrating how to use firearms. (News 8 WROC / Dan Finklestein)

“The goal of our organization, which started in the last year, is to reach out to people who are normally not into firearms, or people who are a part of minority communities, and communities who are not associated with firearms, and say that this is for all of us,” Lairmore said.

A part of the training today focused on firearm safety — including how to safely store a firearm, and the best first steps to take before owning one. Another focus of the group is preventing suicide by firearms by handing out trigger locks to gun owners.