ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The 14th annual East Avenue Grocery Run is kicking off this weekend — and the city is making the public aware of some upcoming traffic closures.

The event will be held on Saturday, November 4 at approximately 8 a.m. In addition to the event’s usual 5K and 1 mile run, there will also be a 10K added to the event. The 5k and mile event are open to runners and walkers, but the 10K has a cut-off time of an hour and 15 minutes.

Each of the three courses, according to the event’s website, begin and end on Meigs Street. You can check out maps of each of the courses here. A list of organizations getting proceeds donated from the event can also be found on their website.

If you aren’t able to show up to the event, there will also be a virtual run you can register for and participate in between November 3 and November 5.

For motorists not participating in the event, be advised that there will be road closures. East Avenue will be shut down at 6 a.m. Saturday from Prince Street to Goodman Street. The road will re-open as participants move away from the area.

The following streets will be closed at 7:45 a.m. until runners leave these respective areas:

  • East Avenue from Prince Street to Union Street.
  • Union Street from East Avenue to Gardiner Park.
  • East Broad Street from Union Street to Broadway.
  • Court Street from Exchange Boulevard to East Broad Street.
  • Chestnut Street from Woodbury Boulevard to East Broad Street.
  • South Clinton Avenue from Woodbury Boulevard to East Broad Street.
  • St. Mary’s Place from Woodbury Boulevard to Court Street.
  • South Avenue from East Broad Street to Woodbury Boulevard.

Those hoping to register and take part in the live or virtual runs may be able to do so by clicking here. Prices for the 10K are $40, 5K is $30, and the mile is $25.