ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochestarians visiting the Maplewood Library on Dewey Avenue Monday were encouraged to share some warmth for the winter as part of the Brother Murphy’s Coat Drive.

Now in its third year, the drive was started by Brother James Murphy Sr., in honor of his wife who died of cancer. Murphy said the drive collects between 100 and 200 coats each year for local children.

Murphy said the reaction from recipients can be overwhelming.

“I remember one incident coming down one of the side streets — I believe McGee — I saw a woman and her child walking and it was very cold,” Murphy said. “And I stopped my vehicle and asked them would they be interested in a coat. And she was very surprised cause she thought ‘I don’t have money to pay for a coat.’ I said, ‘It’s free,’ and a big smile came on her face. So, I get a great joy out of it.”

All coats at the drive are free, and those in need can pick them up at the library located at 1111 Dewey Avenue.

Those wishing to donate can bring coats and gloves directly to the library.