Canandaigua VFW honors veteran killed in hit-and-run


CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. (WROC) — Police in Canandaigua are still investigating the deadly hit-and-run that took the life of Edwin Wesley.

They do have a person of interest and a 1950’s-style pickup truck in question they say was found in a storage facility. Thursday, members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7414 were remembering Wesley, his usual spot at the bar vacant.

Wesley was a military veteran and would often spend time at the Veterans of Foreign Wars facility on Main Street. Quartermaster Dave Hefti says what happened to Wesley is awful. 

“We’re going to miss the smile he would always bring as we see him come through the door rolling in on his scooter,” he says.

He would wheel up to his favorite spot, where a temporary memorial was made for him. A bag of Cheetos– which he loved — standing by. 

“It’s been tragic, what’s happened,” he says.

Hefti said he had a small family. Other veterans here, as close as kin. A close friend of Wesley’s told News 8, said she hoped she would have Wesley forever. He was a good man with a good heart.

Hefti says Wesley’s death is raising concerns for pedestrians using the flashing crosswalks, traffic just seems to keep on moving.

“I believe the City of Canandaigua could have come up with a better system,” he says.

Michael Churchill owns Pulp Nouveau Comix. He says many times, drivers just aren’t paying attention.

“It’s dicey. There are accidents, I don’t know how many every year, but, somebody will stop for a pedestrian and the car behind them won’t,” says Churchill.

Macy Marafioti says when lights flash for a person to cross, it doesn’t always help. “Definitely growing up here I’ve seen it my whole life, people just speeding through those, even when they’re blinking,” she says.

Hefti says he hopes whoever hit Wesley is brought to justice. In the meantime, he says this makeshift memorial will show others– ​Wesley was a man who served his country and a man who mattered. 

“I hope they see that the VFW… even though bad things happen to members, we will take care of our own,” he says.

Hefti said the VFW is always looking for new members. For more details, click here.

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