ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Al Sigl Community of Agencies is recognizing its 60th anniversary with a year-long celebration.

Al Sigl Community of Agencies President Tom O’Connor discussed the milestone celebration Monday during News 8 at Sunrise.

“March 26 in 1962 the Al Sigl Center for Rehabilitation Agencies, Inc. was formed so we are celebrating our 60 years of achieving more together now,” O’Connor said. “When this was an idea formed by Justin Vigdor, our founder, and a number of concerned parents and other community leaders – this was an idea that took over six years to actually come to fruition of planning and fundraising but we opened our ‘Dream House’ at 1000 Elmwood Avenue in 1968 and in that first year there were 3,000 people served. Over the 60 years now there have been more than 55,000 people served on an annual basis by our seven-member agencies. We now have 20 buildings and six campuses. It’s just been remarkable growth and it’s really been because we’ve had such tremendous community support.”

The Al Sigl Community of Agencies includes seven-member agencies — CP Rochester, EPI, The National MS Society, Medical Motor Service, Rochester Rehabilitation, The Rochester Hearing and Speech Center, and Starbridge.

“They are all collectively independent agencies who are helping individuals with disabilities and special needs each and every day right here in our community,” O’Connor said.

Beyond the March 26 anniversary date, O’Connor said there are plans throughout the year to recognize the milestone.

“We’ll be doing an outdoor event on July 30 on our Wolk Campus which is at South Avenue and Elmwood Avenue in Rochester. We’re looking to do an inclusive event. We’ll have live music, food trucks, lots of family-friendly fun things to do, and it will hopefully be a really nice way for us to celebrate our 60 year anniversary. We’ll also be weaving that into all of the other events that we do throughout the year.”

And O’Connor said the Al Sigl Community of Agencies want to hear from the people and families that have been helped throughout the years as well.

“We want to hear those personal anecdotes,” he said. “We want to hear about the success stories and the things that happened for families who were served by our member agencies. We’re asking folks to go to and share their stories and share it on social media. We want to start pulling all of that together so that we can really show the strength of these agencies and the great work that they do for everyone here.”