New survey looks to assess the ‘State of Work’ in Greater Rochester


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Women’s Council, an affiliate of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, is looking for feedback about the state of work locally.

Andrea Holland, Vice President of the Women’s Council, discussed the “State of Work in Greater Rochester” survey Wednesday during News 8 at Noon.

“What we’re looking to find out with this survey is to understand how work has changed in Rochester,” said Holland. “Fundamentally, we know that the pandemic has temporarily – and in some cases – permanently changed the way that people are doing their work. We want to understand – what does that look like? We want to quantify it and qualify it so that we can understand what is currently happening, maybe what can improve, and who is leveraging best practices during all of this.”

The deadline to take the survey is fast approaching on November 19. Holland said the easiest way to access the survey is to go online to “The questions you can expect are, first of all, understanding where you work and what line of work are you in. All are welcome. We are looking for men, women – all gender identities and all lines of work – to answer questions about what has their experience been during this pandemic, what’s different, what’s new, what are some of the benefits of their job that maybe have changed for better or worse to help us understand through their answers a little bit more about what’s really working for Rochester workers.”

The ultimate goal of the survey, said Holland, is to empower companies to make positive changes for their employees. “We’re looking to take that data and understand what are the benchmarks for success, where is change needed, and how can organizations and companies best use what is currently working to make things better for their employees in Rochester, particularly working women in Rochester.”

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