ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A celebration of a century, times two! And right during Women’s History Month, two local sisters of St. Stanislaus Kista Church turning 100 this week, and today friends and family came to make it a party!

“I’m good, fine!” 100-year-old Ludwika Kardela said. “I feel fine! Yea for 100 yea very good!”

Kardela was born on March 8, 1923 in Poland. She moved with her family to the United States in 1963 settling in right here in the Flower City!

“I feel very good!” Kardela said. “I come in 1963. I have lots of family, I got lots and lots of friends!”

Ludwika’s spent her roughly six decades in Rochester volunteering and cooking for events at the St. Theresa and St. Stanislaus Kosttka parishes.

And certainly making her mark!

Ludwika’s granddaughter, Ursula Zamora, said the following about her grandmother:

“She is a phenomenal cook! She is known for her pierogis, for her guomkies or cabbage rolls, so every summer for years and years she has worked for the Polish festival here and when we used to have it in different locations and everybody knows Mrs. K is going to be cooking, everybody comes!”

Kardela said that now she belongs to St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish. “We make festival, we make dinner, dance, lots of things they enjoy it for everything. I like to do that. I like work in the kitchen.”

Sister Dismas, who became a teacher and volunteer, was also celebrating the day of the party.

Sister Dismas knows about milestones, too: In 2021, she celebrated 80 years of service with the Sister of Mercy. 

And for Ludwik’s family and friends, they truly are one-in-the-same.

“If they’re not a friend before, they’re a friend when they leave,” Zamora said. “She always greets you with that 100 watt smile and a hug and a kiss and everybody is, like I said, everybody is not just friends, they’re family.”