ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The City of Rochester, Foodlink and Common Ground have been awarded $100,000 grant from the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge.

The organizations are working with the City to implement the new Comprehensive Plan, Rochester 2034, which has emphasis on equity and healthy living. The primary focus of the grant is the creation of a food policy council.

“It is our hope that the Food Policy Council can open up doors to improve access and affordability of healthy foods and underserved neighborhoods, foster food sovereignty and justice at a local level, and lead to a more nourished and more prosperous region,” President and CEO of Foodlink Julia Tedesco said.

The primary goal of the food policy council will be to identify gaps and opportunities to expand equitable access to quality food.

“In addition to improving the health of the community, the work of the food policy council will strengthen the local economy, promote social justice and nurture the beauty and sustainability of our natural environment,” A statement reads.

The organizations involved will host three zoom meetings in August to provide more information about the food policy council. Select one of the dates below to pre-register for the meeting. The dates are as follows: