CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. (WROC) — The 15-year-old Red Jacket student accused of bringing a gun to school was back in court Friday afternoon.

He is charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, he did plead not guilty earlier this week to the charges during a separate court hearing.

Friday, the teen appeared in front of Judge Brian Dennis. Media was not allowed inside. The hearing lasted almost two hours and the judge found that there is reasonable cause that the designated felonies occurred on Red Jacket school grounds and held him for a grand jury. 

“He had a mask on, he was sitting at a table and he seemed to be interacting with his attorney when he needed to and having conversations so there was nothing that stood out to me that he didn’t get it.” District Attorney James Ritts said.

Where the gun came from, his motives, are not yet known to the public. “…not that we can share,” says Ritts.

As for the ‘plan’ the student is reported to have had, Ritts says that’s not exactly accurate. “You have to be really careful about using the word ‘plan’. Certainly, he had an intent,” he says.

Ritts says this whole incident from April 1st is still being looked at. “We have a situation where we continue still to this day to investigate other aspects of the case,” he says.

On April 1st, the defendant is accused of bringing a semi-automatic pistol to school with extra ammunition. He was stopped by faculty before anything happened… the efforts of the school were praised by law enforcement with the Ontario County Sheriff calling them all “heroes”.

In the wake of all of this, the Manchester-Shortsville School District announced changes to its security policies in a letter sent to parents. Those changes include:

  • More security cameras
  • Installing thumb-turn locks to all classrooms and office doors.
  • Replacing doors with swipe card access
  • Creating secured entrances and placing safety film on windows.
  • Installing a new PA system

Up next will be grand jury proceedings, the process as that moves along, won’t be known. “Which you will all never know about until the rising — and there will be a visit back to youth court after the grand jury makes its decision,” says Ritts.