ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Governor Hochul visited Canandaigua on Monday following flooding that occurred throughout Ontario County.

During the conference, Hochul said that many structures in the area were compromised — including a house where the basement collapsed. She mentioned that some individuals were unable to evacuate and had to be rescued.

“It seems like the worst has passed in terms of the volume coming down,” Hochul said. “Now our job is to make sure the roads and the bridges are passable —they have not been structurally compromised— because that could also lead to a dangerous situation.”

Hochul said that the state is assessing the damage in areas affected by the floods — she said that the county will receive an allocation once all receipts are generated.

Hochul also said that she has been in contact with FEMA, Senator Chuck Schumer, and the White House to get any assistance with the FEMA declaration.

Ontario County was recently put into a state of emergency after heavy rain led to extreme flooding, which impacted almost 100 homes and displaced some residents in the county. A temporary shelter was set up at Zion Fellowship Church.

“Think about the scale of this event,” Hochul said. “This is something that people train for, they’re ready for, but rarely do they have to activate. Last night they stepped up. You talk about the fact that no lives were lost. This could have been a cataclysmic event but for the response, the coordination at the state, county, and local levels, and I’m grateful to all the first responders who were there for us.”

At one point, more than 13,000 homes and businesses were without power, Hochul said. She said emergency crews personally visited more than 120 homes, moving 13 people and five pets for their safety.

County leaders recently held a press conference Monday morning in regard to the impacts of the flood, saying that hundreds were without electricity.

In addition, it was also announced that one person was injured during the flood. That person’s current condition is unknown at this time, but Sheriff David Cirencione said he was conscious on the way to the hospital.

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