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Kanat Sultanbekov Joins Tech Startup Gleenr

Kanat Sultanbekov

Kanat Sultanbekov

Gleenr Offers a Sophisticated Way to Form Relationships

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Gleenr uses revolutionary software that provides insights into a person’s feelings. The software is also designed to prioritize users’ privacy everywhere—Gleenr is set to release in the 1st week of December.

Gleenr has teamed up with seasoned executive and co-founder of Gleenr, Kanat Sultanbekov. The tech startup is gearing up to launch its app that uses sophisticated emotional mapping software to provide insight about a particular person or situation by gleening non-verbal cues from a video.

By uploading a video to Gleenr, the software will measure micro-movements, and display physical attributes. These measurements will give clues as to how the person feels about what they’re saying. The results of these measurements, otherwise known as “the gleen,” can provide additional information to help people move forward in a particular situation with more knowledge.

The software tracks blood pressure and pulse, eye movements and facial muscles remotely through scanning technology tracking four layers deep. The scanned information is applied to a unique proprietary algorithm to determine overall sincerity, with moment-to-moment measurements of various emotions.

Gleenr isn’t facial recognition software, though, Kanat Sultanbekov explains. The company doesn’t retain any biometric data that can be used to identify people. It doesn’t share any videos of users with third parties. Anything that is uploaded is analyzed privately. Gleenr is committed to the user’s privacy laws and data use.

About Kanat Sultanbekov:

Kanat Sultanbekov has 15 years of experience as a construction manager, delivering world-class workmanship and leading dynamic teams. He focuses on strategic planning, operational processes, and risk assessment to ensure safety and manage maximum efficacy from the employees.

In many roles he has managed, his team members knew him to be a skilled construction and project management expert with a strong focus on completing comprehensive and strategic initiatives that ensured high quality. Kanat Sultanbekov, with his extensive experience in project management, construction, and design, is looking toward expanding his career in a senior leadership role.

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