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Cookeez Makery debuts as top growing new brand; Beast Lab dominates in Action Figures Playset & Accessories

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Moose Toys, an innovative leader in the toy industry, boasts two number one hits for the month of October, according to Circana; both distinctions are for the toymaker's original innovations. Buzzed about sales sensation Cookeez Makery was the #1 top growing new brand*1 for the month, within the total market, and Beast Lab in its first full month of sales on shelves captured #1 Action Figure Playset & Accessories, plus earned the #5 top growing new brand spot*2, within the total market.

"Moose innovation and signature 'WOW' is behind the near overnight successes of Cookeez Makery and Beast Lab. Achievements like this serve as another proof point that Moose is making great strides in reaching our Big Hairy Audacious Goal of being known as the world's most innovative toy company," said Ronnie Frankowski, global president, Moose Toys. "The incredible popularity of these two new brands puts a bold underscore on Moose's strategy to disrupt the toy aisle across multiple categories. Our original IP brands have been steadily gaining momentum in action figures and our 'surprise inside' multi-layered playsets, like Cookeez Makery, have been a tremendous success for us."

The best thing since sliced bread, new Cookeez Makery is an oven-themed playset that lets kids mix and make "dough" to create their new sweet-scented plush best friend. Turn the dial to set the temperature, listen for the ticking sound and wait for the DING! After 90 seconds, open the oven door and there's a plush puppy, bunny or kitten that magically comes out warm to the touch, and it's deliciously scented either bread or cinnamon.

The robust sales of Cookeez Makery also contributed to Moose Toys' domination of the Special Feature Plush category, for which Moose was the top corporate manufacturer, both in the month of October and YTD. YTD ending October Moose Toys accounted for 34 percent of the special feature plush class in the U.S., according to Circana.3

Beast Lab, an experiment-based, interactive playset, empowers kids to create and unleash a "jaw-some" electronic action figure. Add ingredients to the chamber and initiate the human-beast connection with a simulated finger scan. Crackling sounds, epic roars, flashing lights and fizzing bubbles emit from the chamber while Bio Mist flows. Adding the pandemonium crystal gives the beast its power. An alarm sounds! Pull the emergency lever, drain the ingredients and unleash the beast. Mayhem Megashark or Havoc Hammerhead emerges ready for action-packed battle fun. Adding to the layers of this toy is getting to know the beast and how it evolves with new sounds, colors and ways to play.

About Moose Toys
Moose Toys exists to make kids superhappy. For this revolutionary brand happiness lies at the heart of everything we do. With trailblazing toy design, development and manufacturing, no wonder our toys consistently scoop the most longed-for awards. Sprinkling some Moose magic across categories including action figures, collectibles, craft, dolls, games, plush, preschool, vehicles and youth electronics, we've earned our stripes as one of the most creative companies in the industry. As an energetic bunch, we're always on the move, developing groundbreaking content, entertainment and worldwide licensing deals to boot.

This family-run business is proudly built on unshakeable ethical foundations. Our passion for making kids superhappy stretches far beyond our WOW-worthy toys. The Moose Happy Kids Foundation creates moments of happiness and laughter for the children around the world who need it most. We've had a BIG impact on little people, making 3.5 million kids smile so far… and counting.

Australia might be our Moose family home, but with a 600+ strong team dotted across the world, we're committed to sharing our signature superhappy revolution far and wide!


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