BROCKPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — Over the past few weeks, every corner of our community has been finding ways to support those struggling during the ongoing war in Ukraine. An area high school has found its niche way of helping the cause and it all comes to a big finale on Friday.

Students from Brockport High School have teamed up to collect hundreds and hundreds of cereal boxes to aid the humanitarian efforts going on in Poland and Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

Xia Hoffman is the president of Brockport High School’s student council and has been working diligently to make sure this fundraiser is a success.

”We’re very fortunate enough to not be in this situation. And we do have a lot of Ukrainian students at the school. So it’s just really important that we do as much as we can to help out,” Hoffman said.

For weeks now, Brockport students have been boxing up all different kinds of tasty treats to be shipped over to Ukraine and Poland. This effort is something school counselor Marcia Bartalo says has hit close to home for several of Brockport’s students.

“We’re working with three local churches to be able to ship the cereal to family members of our students and the community,” Bartalo said.

Not only has the school community come in full force with donations, so has the Brockport community as a whole.

“Since the pandemic, it’s a way that all of us can do one thing united, we have a wonderful community and Brockport came together and really has worked at this effort to be able to be unified and support another community,” Bartalo said.

The school’s goal was originally 500 boxes of cereal but as of Thursday morning, they already collected over 900. The fundraiser will come to a close Friday morning, so with the success the students have had thus far, they have set a new goal of 1200 boxes of cereal.

To really emphasize how many boxes have been collected, students have a unique idea to spread their message of unity far beyond school borders.

“Our idea is to film a TikTok where we’re going to line up all the cereal boxes from the back stairwell like dominos and knock it down going all the way out to the cafeteria,” Brockport student Ja’lynn Taylor said. The big domino push will be happening 10:30 a.m. on Friday at Brockport High School. If you would like to donate and be part of the domino push, cereal box donations are being accepted until then.