Brockport daycare center under investigation, former employees and parents speak out


BROCKPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — A daycare center in Brockport is under investigation. The state is looking into claims of poor treatment of children potentially putting their health at risk. 

The TLFC Child Care and Learning Center in Brockport sent out a letter to all their families in the infant, preschool, and Pre-K classrooms back on October 29th saying there’s an open investigation into their program by the state. Former employees and parents, we spoke with on-camera and off hope real change comes out of this.  

Courtney Lawrence both worked at the TLFC Daycare and had her daughter there. She says she grew concerned when she started to notice bruises and markings on her daughter’s body. Lawrence is now accusing her teacher of inappropriate discipline.  

“The tipping point was bringing my daughter to the hospital and her freaking out because she had been pinched from her teacher,” Lawrence said. “When she brought that up to the nurse, she literally looked at me and said no teacher should be touching you in that way. I brought it up to the director and nothing was done.” 

This alleged incident prompted Lawrence to call the State Office of Children and Family Services and that agency confirmed for us they are investigating. But Lawrence says she’s not alone. She gave us this photo of a boy that she says got a hold of a toy behind disinfected with bleach. Lawrence says the bleach got in his mouth and the photo shows it on his clothes. She says Poison Control was called.  

That boy’s mother told News 8 she was never notified of the full story, saying the daycare told her it was only a few drops on his pants.  

“The fact that they were trying to hide it from the mother is what really upset me,” Lawrence said. “Because as a parent of my kids going there, what else are they hiding when I’m not around that happens to my own children?” 

The alleged bleach incident was discussed by employees in a group chat obtained by News 8. They say the boy did not show any serious symptoms but did say the director prevented them from telling the mother the whole story. We have reached out to the daycare multiple times, but they declined to comment on those allegations and this. 

Other chats show an open bag of ‘Gummy Edibles’ with Hemp Extract in them falling on the floor around kids. An employee then claimed them as hers writing back “don’t eat them they’re edibles.” Another employee who wanted to remain anonymous said no accountability ever came out of it.  

“There were no repercussions at all for her leaving edibles in the open where there’s kids everywhere or two of the other teachers that were pinching kids bottoms and stuff,” she said. “The parents aren’t being informed at all and I feel like it’s really important that they see if their kids had experienced anything because a lot of kids probably aren’t telling parents this stuff.”  

The mother of the one-year-old boy involved in the bleach incident confirmed to us she and multiple other families have since pulled their kids out since this investigation began last week. And, again, we did ask for comments from the daycare, but they declined. 

Check back with News 8 WROC as we will continue to update this developing story.

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