ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The family and friends of a bicyclist who was killed after getting hit by an SUV in Brighton back in March — are speaking out about the incident, saying there are still unanswered questions and that there was no justice.

Davon Davis was fatally struck by the SUV on Linden Avenue on March 19, with the driver of the vehicle — Gediminas Backus — getting arrested for a DWI and charged with manslaughter.

According to a state police report, Davis was cited as a contributing factor to the collision because he was riding his bike in the wrong direction while crossing the road. The report also said that low lighting and fog conditions were also factors.

In July, a grand jury decided not to indict Backus and returned the case to a lower court for the DWI charge. Davis’s family is speaking out against the decision.

“This man took him from our family due to him being irresponsible and under the influence, we have yet to receive an apology, we want justice,” said Pfallon Taylor, the aunt of Davis. “They took a big part of our family.”

Davis’s family, in a press conference, said they are seeking help with conducting an independent investigation into the incident.

A spokesperson from the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office said that charges that were presented to a grand jury can’t be refiled.