BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — On Friday, six people in Brighton around Hollyvale Drive and Tilstone Place were attacked by a fox outside their homes. Animal Control responded and located the fox before others got hurt.

So far, the victims are recovering and on Monday, we followed up with victims in the neighborhood.

Those who live where this happened told News 8 they’ve noticed the fox and its cubs lingering around their homes for a few weeks and acting aggressively.

Brighton Animal Control says they came out once earlier that week but couldn’t locate the animals. Neighbors say they want to be sure their community is safe.

“I have not and will not go out alone until this is resolved somehow,” neighbor Shirley Jacobson told News 8.

Back on Friday, Jacobson was walking down her driveway to get the mail, when without warning a fox ran up from behind biting her left ankle, causing her to fall and sprain her wrist.

“The fox got a hold of both sides of my leg,” Jacobson said. “There were holes on the left side and the right side, they had to be treated with a serious of shots around each bite. They were excruciating and now I am told I have to continue with another series of rabies shots.”

Right after Jacobson was bitten, two more people off Tilstone were attacked.

Tony D’Alleva was pulling up to his home when he heard one neighbor scream and witnessed the fox attack another woman.

“After that second attack, which my kids and wife witnessed, she called 911 saying there was just another attack,” D’Alleva said. “Police arrived, animal control was there, that’s when we were told not much they could do. Play loud rock music and hopefully it will go away.”

Brighton Animal Control Officers say their only advice to neighbors was to call 911 immediately if they saw the fox appear. Although they were contacted a week before the attacks, the Brighton Police Department says the fox could not be located or trapped at the time.

“Humane traps are not productive for us because foxes know the difference between traps that they’re not going to go into,” Brighton Police Deputy Chief Michael Desain told News 8.

After investigating, Brighton Animal Control determined these attacks were all linked to the same fox they eventually killed.

“Where the bites took place, I was able to piece together a path that was one fox and when I asked the people, all their descriptions came back the same,” Brighton Animal Control Supervisor Bruce Blackman told News 8.

Test results from the Department of Health have yet to come in to determine what diseases this fox may have had. After assessing its body, Brighton Animal Control suspects it might have been suffering from mange.

Deputy Chief Desain says Animal Control has since put out those humane traps anyway following the attacks to capture any cubs still wandering the neighborhood. They’ll also be patrolling the area daily.