ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Town of Brighton announced they have filed a lawsuit against Icon Energy, aka “Source Power.”

According to the Town of Brighton, Source Power was contracted to provide low-cost renewable electric power to Brighton residents through December 2022 as part of the Community Choice Aggregation Program (CCA).

The lawsuit says that Source Power allegedly stopped providing power to Brighton residents in June and, due to them abruptly stopping, officials said that thousands of households in Brighton were forced to pay RG&E’s prices, which are higher than Source Power’s prices.

William Moehle, the town supervisor, said that residents were saving $1.2 million while the program was active and that Source Power’s alleged “breach of contract” cost Brighton residents over a million dollars.

“Source Power misled the Town and its residents about the ‘renewable’ nature of the electric power it supplied. We now know that the power supply has not been qualified by the State as renewable, despite the fact that Source had a contractual obligation to supply renewable power to Brighton residents in the CCA,” said Supervisor Moehle.

Source Power originally partnered with RG&E back in June, but said that there was a billing issue with RG&E, which led to the company’s payment default and an abrupt end to the program.

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