BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — News 8 is continuing its coverage on extremely high RG&E bills customers have been getting, tied back to green energy programs.

Brighton resident Bob Insull got a bill he called ‘a stunner’ for $805. News 8 covered that story back in February. 

The story behind this high bill was that these were back charges owed to a green energy company called ‘Source Power’, solar power that some residents in Brighton had signed up for.

As all of this unwound, RG&E sent a replacement bill to Insull, something he thought would be a correction with a lesser charge.

Insull says there was a correction, the same bill with 7 extra dollars added to it, for a grand total of $812. 

He says RG&E is essentially a monopoly, and he feels many customers who were outraged over the high bills have finally given in. He says the idea was once people in Brighton opted in for this green energy, bills were supposed to go down.

“And as I say, when I saw that there had been no billing, I thought this was not going to go away. So, they offered to make arrangements, partial payments over time to catch up to what I owed, but I thought to myself ‘I’ve got the cash-on-hand, let me just do this,’ so I paid it,” says Insull.

Insull says it’s likely for about 8 months he wasn’t being billed properly for his electricity, so now, there’s this one lump sum he has to pay.

Insull says a company like RG&E, should not have these billing issues. He also said he’s going to be watching his next few statements VERY carefully. 

“So, that ticks me off a little bit that they’re not smart enough to have had that all taken care of so that it was seamless,” he says.

Insull says besides the news talking about this, there’s been no public explanation. He’s hoping RG&E, the Town, and Source Power can soon address it once and for all.

Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle has come out swinging against both companies, encouraging them to get on the same page for the sake of customers.

Prior statement from Source Power:

“All reversal balances that have posted to customers’ bills are credits that were improperly applied to customers’ accounts.  These are not charges, but credits misapplied over time that will need to be recovered. If customers review their bills, they will see that they are still saving money month to month. We are working with RG&E to resolve this and appreciate patience while we do. Source is also happy to advise each customer on a payment plan. We’re here to help.”

Prior statement from RG&E:

“We cannot speculate on individual customer bills and charges. I would encourage those customers to call us if they have a question. The customer service# is 1-800-743-2110. If you have a broader question that we can address I’d be happy to help you with that.”