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News 8’s back to school photo gallery

Back to School

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Wednesday is the first day of school for many districts throughout the region, so we wanted to do a blast from the past with some of our staff’s back to school photos!

Reporter Josh Navarro
Meteorologist James Gilbert
Reporter Kayla Green
Anchor Mark Gruba
Assignment Desk Editor Lia Tobin
Reporter Atyia Collins
Anchor Maureen McGuire
Digital Producer Matt Driffill

Your Photos!

We couldn’t hog all the fun, so we invited our viewers to send us their back to school photos as well!

From Sharon Madelo Pequierda
From Angelo Collazo
From Brandy Price
From Michele Speranza
From Vickie Boone Rouse
From Lori Schreppel Burch
From Kris Tyler
From Teunda M Nem
From Stephanie Nuci
From Francine Lorraine Bornheimer
From Jonathon King
From Danielle Baker
From Danielle Baker
From Danielle Baker
From Danielle Baker
From Danielle Baker
From Michelle Rosa
From Jessica Fox Judkins
From Kristen Heather
From Kate Marie Hamlin
From Danielle Downs
From Carla Mojica
From Becky Sanita
From Maria Ramos
From Melissa Ann Marcellette
From Sadie Fox
From Tamarra Mcpherson
From Cheryl Antonacci
From Bobbie Darrohn
From Deb Pierson Pelligra
From Bobbie Darrohn
From Maria Ramos
From Bobbie Darrohn
From Tanya Pereira Lobdell
From Catherine Hofto
From Gloria Shanders Pratt
From Gina Bianchi Hayward
From Melissa Ann Marcellette
From Tiffany Claire
From Bonnie Russell
From Kim Johnston
From Kim Johnston
From Mercedita Venus Wright
From Kelly Lynn
From Heather Krenzer Held
From Kerri Keon
From Michele Marie Kirk
From Meghan Forrest
From Michele Marie Kirk
From Nicole Pecoraro
From Allison Bailey
From Christina Smith
From Desiree Winkie
From Mandy Motzer Rodriguez
From Sarah Anschutz Dann
From Frank Palermo
From Jennifer Lindsley Reitano
From Sarah Anschutz Dann
From Mandy Motzer Rodriguez
From J Lynn Gonzalez
From Lisa Yankevich
From Yareska Rivera
From Tiffany Jo Steffens
From Marissa Fritsch
From Lisa Miller
From Erika Sasso
From Lindsey Johnson

If you’d like to be featured in our back to school photos, email your pictures to or send them to us on our station’s Facebook or Twitter accounts!

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