EAST ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Tuesday marked the start of a new school year for many. One of the first schools to welcome back students is the East Rochester School District.

Students shared their thoughts on how they are feeling ahead of the new academic year.

“I’m actually excited about the people because there’s always new people every time you change schools and I’m very excited about it,” Alba Diaz said.

“I’m excited about Ms. Baliva’s class because she’s a great teacher already and I’m really nervous about failing in classes,” Isabella Barringar said with a smirk.

Superintendent Jim Haugh is fortunate to have the students back this school year and wishes them all the best academically. He says one way to guarantee their success is by setting a routine.

“I think the key is getting effective rest and that includes some downtime off of devices so they’re not being interrupted and put it in silence mode throughout the course of the evening so the kiddos can get some high quality sleep and be ready to learn the next morning,” Haugh said.

With East Rochester being considered a walking district, he reminds all students and parents of tips to make sure students have a safe arrival and departure.

“Making sure that we are working with our crossing guards to make sure they are crossing safely, paying attention, looking both ways,” he said.

Additionally, Haugh thanked the village for installing new flashing signs at key intersections in the village and fresh paint at all of the crosswalks.