ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Two separate groups in Rochester rallied over the 490 overpass in regards to the reopening of schools.

One says its too dangerous to send reopen, the other say in person learning is necessary. Both sides said they want a plan that is safe for students, while also looking out for families and educators.

“They’re talking about how do we best support our kids and so is the other side. How do we best support our kids?” Education College Students Indy Maryin said.

The main concern is that older teachers are at higher risk of being seriously impacted by the virus. Data shows about 30% of teachers in New York State are over the age of 50, Putting them at higher risk for severe illness.

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“We don’t have the conversations that we need to really come up with the innovative creative solutions that are going to work with us,” Parent Cassy Dunn said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to deliver his reopening decision this week. Until then. he said if teachers aren’t comfortable, it’s a problem.

“If the teachers aren’t comfortable and they are not going to show up, that’s a problem. You don’t have to get a strike. No one wants to force teachers against their will to work and make it a legal fight,” the governor said.

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