ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With more 90-degree days expected in the forecast this weekend, AAA is warning motorists to not only be cautious of those inside hot cars but to be aware of the effects the heat can do to the mechanics of your vehicle.

An automotive expert discusses how you can prevent heat damage to your car during hot spells. 

Many people think that their car battery only struggles in extremely cold temperatures, but did you know the heat can also cause damage to your vehicle?

Connor Noonan, an automotive technician from Browncroft Garage in Rochester, said the added heat during the hot summer months adds an additional stress on the battery.

“What we typically see is the battery’s working extra hard over the summer months and then that first you know, really cold day that we get here is when the car won’t start,” said Noonan.

The hotter temperatures also can increase the likelihood of blowing out your tires.

“Especially if you’re driving around on under-inflated tires, so again it’s important to monitor those things and make sure your tires are in good working order so that you avoid a potentially catastrophic failure and cause more damage to the vehicle,” Noonan said.

Not only can your car engine or battery be affected by the heat, but the metal part of your seatbelt can get scorchingly hot when the sun shines into your car, and it can burn you if you’re not careful when you’re putting on and even taking off your seatbelt. 

“About 70% of your heat load inside the vehicle is due to direct sunlight, so if you’re parking your car in particularly sunny areas the inside of the car is going to heat up rapidly so things like shift knobs, the seatbelt buckle anything metal or shiny is going to heat up,” said Noonan.

So while the heat can be hazardous to both people and pets, it can also be dangerous to your vehicle, but getting regular checks at a reliable auto shop like this one can help prevent situations where both your car and yourself become in danger of the effects of the heat during the summer.