Theresa Marsenburg

Born in the Midwest, educated in the Northeast but I was “schooled” in the South. I’ve covered hurricanes, controversial elections (who remembers Bush v Gore?), mass shootings, other tragedies and triumphs in small towns and big cities too.  Now I have the honor of exploring all that this historic, culturally rich and diverse region has to offer and I’m driven to deliver stories that impact all of us.

When I graduated from St. John’s University I told mentors, friends and family I would return to New York in five years as a tv journalist. It’s been considerably more than 5 years and Rochester isn’t Queens but I can still say it “New York I’m back!”

My first paid job in journalism was at my hometown newspaper “The Dayton Daily News”.  That was in middle school.  My teachers said I had a gift for gab. Today my friends describe that gift as an “occupational hazard”.  Either way, I love to know the why behind every who, what, when, and where. My passion is people, our differences and similarities.

My first job as a news anchor was in Parkersburg, West Virginia. I remember the joy I felt throwing away my ice scrapper as I moved to a local tv station in North Florida. It was February. Fast forward decades later and while it wasn’t the same joy, I was relieved to buy a new ice scrapper days after moving to Western New York. It was January.  I’ve worked at tv stations in Dayton, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia but for most of my career I’ve lived in Florida anchoring and reporting in the capital city, then from the state capitol. It wasn’t all politics and government though. As a result of my work at the PBS affiliate in Tallahassee, I travelled the state from Key West to Jacksonville producing Emmy, NABJ, and Telly award-winning documentaries.

My first born leads a database team at a non-profit in NYC, my youngest is a courageous healthcare worker ready to join us “up North”. 

I come from a split family.  One side loves the Steelers, the other the Bengals. They all seem to dislike the Browns but thankfully the Bills don’t illicit the same ire.

Jesus, shopping, reading, Scrabble, people watching, concerts, musicals, museums, food and wine make me smile.

I look forward to connecting with viewers daily and discovering new reasons to smile! 

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