Mackenzie Mislan

Mackenzie Mislan is a Multi-Media Journalist/Reporter at News 8. She was first hired in August 2021, as a Production Assistant and then a few months later assigned to the position of News Producer, where she primarily produced the “News 8 First at 4” show with Natalie and John Kucko. To become a more versatile reporter, Mackenzie has educated herself in each part of the broadcast news industry. 

Mackenzie is a graduate of RIT, with a BS in Communication and minors in Business Administration and Language Science. While in college, she was a sports commentator for hockey games at the school’s radio station, WITR. She also worked at SportsZone, RIT’s video production and broadcast company. 

Mackenzie loves to travel and learn about the communities she visits. A Midwesterner at heart, she lived her early years in Michigan, and continues to spend many holidays and summers in the Upper Peninsula. As a young child, she also lived in Indiana where she first caught the tv news bug from a local tv reporter who visited her 4th grade class. Later, she moved to upstate New York where she has lived since high school. Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her family and her Samoyed, Teddy, as well as playing volleyball, reading, and escaping to the beach.

Mackenzie Mislan is excited to immerse herself in the Greater Rochester community and share the stories of its citizens. If you have a story to share, send her an email at or find her on Twitter at @MacMislan.

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