Eriketa Cost

Eriketa Cost started working as a reporter at News 8, in May of 2020!

She graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2020, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Eriketa mostly studied on a print-based track, working alongside her advisor Elmer Ploetz (formerly Buffalo News). She spent most of her time working on the student newspaper.

As a sophomore, she found a love for TV writing and production, unexpectedly. She credits a beginner TV course that spontaneously changed her path, with former WGRZ reporter Mike Igoe and WGRZ News Director Jeff Woodard.

Eriketa found valuable experience, friendships and mentors through interning at a few stations, including News 8 and News 4 WIVB.

A fun fact about her you may not know: she started out as a music therapy major, and studied vocal diction, music theory and performance for a year and a half in the school of music. She still is passionate about singing and performing. Her favorite genre to sing has always been jazz.

Other hobbies include pilates, thrifting and searching for story ideas!

Reach out to her at with ideas.

Twitter: eriketacost_tv

Instagram: eriketacost_tv

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