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Dan Gross

Dan Gross is currently a Digital Content Reporter at News 8. He was hired in July of 2018 as a news photographer, and following a surprise stint producing the 5p show this past summer (along with a couple shows on studio camera under his belt), he was promoted!

Primarily, his job is wearing tie-dye, telling corny jokes, and making sure everyone is in a good mood so we can continue to put out an incredible product. Dan enjoys shooting and editing his own stories, which range from touching features, sights and sounds, weird news, and stories showcasing great musicians in the Rochester area.

Dan cut his teeth by hosting, producing, directing, editing, and recording the Rochester Indie Musician Spotlight, a program that features local (and mostly young) independent musicians. He also started four years ago at a local community jazz radio station, Jazz90.1, on which he hosts two regular programs.

His hobbies include recording local music, procrastinating mowing the lawn, and meeting new people.

Dan Gross is a graduate of SUNY Oswego with Bachelor of Fine Arts, and double majored in Broadcasting and Music. Although Dan began his schooling looking to become a sports broadcaster, he decided to focus on music as his schooling continued. As a member of the school’s media outlets, Dan had experience in radio, and as a reporter for the school newspaper, reviewing and reporting on the school’s academic concerts with an educational twist.

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