ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s a Rochester staple: Tuba Christmas! The 39th edition of the show is Sunday at 3 p.m. at Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre. Tickets are sold out, according to the organizers, but they add that many are often left unused, and people coming to the door are encouraged. Tickets and more can be found here.

The show got its start at the Midtown Mall in the Midtown Plaza, with some 300 tuba and euphonium players belting Christmas carols and hymns. Now, that number is 125.

For current organizer, conductor, and tubist himself, Jeremy Stoner, it’s in his blood.

“It was a guy named Joe Baker, a local tuba player, and actually an electronics professor at MCC. He was a student (of) my stepdad, Glen Call, who was the for over 30 years the conductor of Tuba Christmas. So they kind of started it together,” Stoner said. “I remember playing my first tuba Christmas at age nine back when it was at Midtown Mall in Midtown Plaza.”

Some of these tuba and euphonium players are that young, Stoner said, in addition to teachers, college students, and even 90-year-olds who take part in the fun.

Stoner also says — as a nearly lifelong tubist — that the low and thunderous sounds of the instrument keep him centered, and this event combines the best of the sound and the season.

“It’s massive,” Stoner said of the first Tuba Christmas notes that are blown. “But all that sounds together… It’s warm. It’s you feel it, you know, it’s a rumbling.

“It takes me back I think as it does for most of us to maybe our childhood or something, the songs that we’ve heard over the years,” Stoner said.

Stoner also thanks The Daisy Marquis Jones Foundaiton for helping to make the show possible.