BATAVIA, N.Y. (WROC) — Ten local artists announced Thursday that they received an Artist Employment Program grant from Creatives Rebuild New York, a program designed to support employment opportunities for local artists.

The artists said they are working with GO ART!, the Arts Council for Wyoming County (ACWC), and the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts to provide arts programming throughout the region.

Each of these artists is skilled in different forms of art, such as painting, sculpting, and theater.

The ten artists are listed here:

  • Dan Butler, visual artist and muralist.
  • Ted Canning, musician and teaching artist.
  • Ruben Ornelas, choreographer and dancer.
  • Jill Pettigrew, visual artist and teaching artist.
  • Susan Ferrari Rowley, sculptor.
  • Rashaad Santiago, special effects artist and director.
  • Gaitrie Devi Subryan, choreographer and dancer.
  • Annette Daniels Taylor, poet, filmmaker, and dancer.
  • Paul Thomas, ceramicist.
  • Keith Walters, photographer and videographer.

These artists said they will collaborate with the organizations for two years to create various exhibits, performances, classes, and experiences.

Officials of the organizations said they will receive a collective $1.5 million to support the collaboration, which includes the artists’ salaries and benefits.

“If we are to truly rebuild our amazing state, we must celebrate artists’ contributions not only to the economy but to what makes us human,” said Creatives Rebuild New York’s Executive Director Sarah Calderon.

Officials behind Creatives Rebuild New York said the program has funded 98 organizations, municipalities, and tribal governments across New York.

CRNY officials said the organization awarded a total of $49.9 million to support artists’ salaries and benefits, with an additional $11.7 million to the organizations offering employment.